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The Essential Wireless Screen Mirroring Device

Wireless Screen Mirroring Device

"As someone who travels a lot, I get tired of watching basic cable on hotel televisions. The Wireless Screen Mirroring Device lets me watch my favorite shows anywhere I go, so I never have to flip through channels again!"

- Shania Fox



Streaming media to your TV has never been easier! Effortlessly broadcast your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and photos with The Wireless Screen Mirroring Device -- no smart TV needed!

  • Description

Sick of paying exorbitant cable bills and having to plan your media watching around a TV schedule? The Essential Wireless Screen Mirroring Device is a high-grade, portable screen casting device that allows you to watch what you want, when you want! The Wireless Screen Mirroring Device is incredibly easy to use -- simply plug it in with the included HDMI cable and use its free app to stream from any of your devices. It is engineered to work with the devices that you already own, so there’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a smart TV.

  • Stream comfortably from your devices -- no need to get up and fiddle with cords or settings
  • Recharges your phone and tablet during use
  • Fully compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Perfectly portable for any kind of travel
  • Does not require wifi

No-hassle screening.

Broadcast content directly from your devices.

Whether you’re at home, at the office, or in a hotel room, the Wireless Screen Mirroring Device gives you total control over your content -- without needing a smart TV (or even a remote!).

Enjoy content whenever you want.

Watch on your own schedule.

Use the Media Library to find amazing content to enjoy alone, with friends, or with your family. Or broadcast your own content! It’s totally up to you!

Useful for all sorts of situations.

Make an impression with your next presentation.

Whether you’re presenting the quarterly numbers at your next meeting or showing off vacation photos, the portable Wireless Screen Mirroring Device is a fun, easy, and convenient way to get eyes on your content.

Media on YOUR schedule.

The perfect screen mirroring device for home and travel.

Don’t let cable companies control your content consumption! Watch whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want with the Wireless Screen Mirroring Device. All you need is an HDMI cable and you can broadcast content from your devices straight to your TV -- no wifi necessary, no messy cords, no easy-to-lose remotes. Just simple and convenient screen mirroring that works with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.