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The Essential Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

"I got this as a gift and immediately bought one for my partner. It’s really come in handy for us on road trips (and trips to the grocery store)."

- Reed Erickson




Super-fast wireless smartphone charging? That’s a game changer. With the Wireless Car Charger, you can leave your cables at home and enjoy quick wireless charging whenever you need it.

  • Description

Unless you purchase separate charging cords for your home, car, and office, you’ve probably been inconvenienced by a dead or dying smartphone battery. With The Essential Wireless Car Charger, you can replenish your smartphone’s battery insanely fast without plugging it in. The wireless cradle mounts into your air vent and securely grips your smartphone while you drive, keeping your touch screen within reach so you can stay focused on the road. Charge your phone effortlessly while streaming music, following GPS, or using voice-activated controls. No more wires. No more cables.No more adaptors. And best of all, no more dead batteries ever again.

  • Fast, wireless charging
  • Charging cradle fits in all vehicles
  • Compatible with all smartphones including iOS and Android
  • Easy-to-use mount keeps phone visible and within reach
  • Glows purple when charging

Goodbye, dead batteries!

Charge your phone effortlessly and wirelessly while on the go.

Banish dead batteries.

Keep your phone charged even while you’re out.

Stop packing cords and searching for outlets while you’re out. The Wireless Car Charger is an easy and convenient way to charge your phone while you’re on your way to your destination -- no cords required!

Universal charging mount.

Compatible with all smartphones.

The Wireless Car Charger can charge all smartphones, including iOS and Android. You’ll be the hero of every road trip as you rescue your friends and family from the fate of having a dead battery!

Glows while charging.

You can rest assured that it is working.

You don’t have to check your screen to make sure that your phone is charging. The mount will glow purple to let you know that your phone is fuelling up, letting you keep your concentration on the road.

Battery power when you need it. Every time.

You’ll forget that batteries are able to fall to 5%.

Imagine never losing access to your phone again. Always having the power to do that Google search, use your GPS, or make that important call. Never again rushing to get things done while under 10% battery power. With the Wireless Car Charger, you’ll be able to keep your phone charged and ready any time you need it.