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The Essential Emergency Charger, Flashlight & Radio Kit

Emergency Charger, Flashlight & Radio Kit

"The Emergency Charger, Flashlight & Radio Kit takes my camping to the next level -- love being able to keep my smartphone charged for emergencies and the flashlight definitely comes in handy when the sun goes down. Really solid product!"

- Valentina Fletcher



The Emergency Charger, Flashlight & Radio Kit is a combination portable USB charger, LED flashlight, and solar-powered radio -- whether you’re on the beach, camping, travelling, or dealing with an emergency situation, it’s a versatile and convenient way to stay connected!

  • Description

The Essential Charger, Flashlight & Radio Kit is an everyday must-have! The lightweight, eco-friendly, and waterproof kit can travel with you anywhere -- to the beach, to the campsite, on a hike, or on the road. Listen to music and stay connected wherever you are, whenever you want! The device is perfect for emergency situations. Its super-efficient hand crank rotor and solar power capabilities gives you more energy for less effort, making it easy to charge your devices, light up dark areas, and listen for radio updates.

  • Charge your devices with USB and mini-USB charging cables
  • Be prepared for emergency situations with powerful 3-LED flashlight and radio
  • Use in all environments with waterproof casing
  • Keep kit safe and secure with built-in wrist strap
  • Stylish and compact design

Stay connected wherever, whenever.

Perfect for leisure, recreation, and emergency situations.

Pack peace of mind on your next adventure.

Reduce your worries while on the go!

The Emergency Charger, Flashlight, and Radio Kit is an ideal travel companion, no matter where you’re going. It’s all you need for camping, travel, and the beach! Whether you’re exploring alone or taking care of your family, the Emergency Charger, Flashlight, and Radio Kit will keep your mind at ease so that you can focus on enjoying nature. Never worry about your phone’s batteries while enjoying the outdoors again!

Stylish & attractive design.

Don’t sacrifice style for function -- you can have it all!

Many other radios are clunky, twice the size, and won’t charge your electronics or light your way at night. Why waste the space by carrying three different items? Sleek and multifunctional, the Emergency Charger, Flashlight, and Radio Kit fits perfectly in your luggage or backpack -- and looks great doing it!

Never be disconnected again!

Stay safe and connected at home and out in the world.

The Emergency Charger, Flashlight, and Radio Kit is an essential item for both travel and emergency situations at home. Keep up-to-date on important radio bulletins and instructions, navigate your surroundings safely with the built-in flashlight, and recharge your devices to stay in touch and connected, wherever and whenever.