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The Essential Wifi Speed Booster & Signal Range Extender

Wifi Speed Booster & Signal Range Extender

"I was drowning in bills from my internet provider before I discovered the Wifi Speed Booster & Signal Range Extender. Now I’m saving money AND getting fast wifi everywhere in my house, even when my kids are using it too."

- Ezekiel Rivers



With the Speed Booster & Signal Range Extender, you can enjoy super-strong, lightning-fast wifi speeds anywhere in your home -- without paying your internet provider expensive upcharge fees!

  • Description

Say goodbye to buffering delays, lagging, and weak wifi signals! Regular wireless router signals can be blocked by walls, floors, internal wiring, furniture, or other electronic devices, leading to poor wifi reception. The Essential Wifi Speed Booster & Signal Range Extender is developed from military technology that captures, boosts, and rebroadcasts weak signals, allowing them to travel throughout your home without trouble! Start enjoying strong wifi capabilities in your attic, basement, or even backyard!

You don’t need to change your wifi setup or follow any complicated instructions -- simply plug in the wifi repeater device in any area where you want to access powerful wifi!

  • Very easy to set up
  • No monthly fees or contracts
  • Boosts existing wifi signals for better reception
  • Fixes wifi dead zones
  • Money-back guarantee

No more dead zones.

Access your internet from anywhere in your home.

Say goodbye to annoying dead zones in and around your home. With the Wifi Speed Booster and Signal Range Extender, you can scroll through your social media while doing laundry, sitting on your porch, or cleaning your garage.

Boost your existing signals.

Multiple users enjoy lightning-fast speeds.

The Wifi Speed Booster and Signal Range Extender uses military technology to rebroadcast and boost your exisiting signals, giving you fast internet no matter how many people are using it.

Fast, reliable internet anywhere in your home.

Amplify your wifi signal and say goodbye to loading screens forever.

Avoid expensive upgrade fees.

Just pay a one-time cost & enjoy fast internet forever.

Internet providers are happy to charge exorbitant fees that may or may not enhance your internet experience. Bypass the costly bandwidth increases with this DIY speed upgrade!

Money-back guarantee.

No risk, high reward!

Don’t take our word for it. Try out the Wifi Speed Booster and Signal Range Extender for yourself. If you don’t love the results, return it for a full refund.

Make buffering delays a faint memory.

Rev up your internet to unbelievable speeds.

Life moves fast -- you don’t have time to wait for pages to load! Give your wifi signal a major boost and enjoy blazing fast internet with the Wifi Speed Booster and Signal Range Extender. It speeds up your signal without the expensive upgrade fees charged by your ISP and allows you to enjoy the internet anywhere in your home: the basement, the bedroom, even the backyard!