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Make Your Morning Cup Extraordinary!

"Coffee lovers, your day has come!"

My friends and coworkers know to give me space in the A.M. until I’ve had my cup of coffee.

Yes, I am a walking bumper sticker.

But being such a coffee fanatic makes me the perfect person to judge the Robb Vices Coffee Box, and I was definitely up for that challenge.

My first impression? This box is STYLISH. It features a sleek and upscale black design, with its contents perfectly organized and displayed. And it is packed with incredible coffee-related items from around the world. From cold brew coffee liqueur to a stain removal kit, the box hits all the right notes from function to whimsy.

The box includes an artfully-designed espresso machine from Alessi, which is now the most beautiful coffee maker that I have ever owned. And believe me, I am getting some use out of it -- the box also comes with multiple canisters of La Colombe coffee, a brand that is quickly becoming my go-to morning indulgence. The Robb Vices Coffee Box is an incredible gift for those who enjoy the finer things in life … especially in the mornings.